Busy, Type-A, and Career-driven?

You know how to become fit and strong, but you just can’t seem to find the time?

You’re not alone:

“As a working professional, all days are not same…. if I have a busy and hectic day at work, my entire motivation/gym schedule, just goes down the drain & I find it so difficult to get the groove back.

-“If I don’t make time to exercise, I eat worse, sleep worse, and don’t feel good about myself. Over time I feel less accomplished, sluggish, fat etc. “

-“I don’t need to be super lean, but I have always enjoyed the confidence and pride that comes with knowing what my body is capable and being able to show that”

-“There’s so much going on and so much that I want to achieve and it’s hard to step back, see the bigger picture, and go with the flow of life enough to stop working and exercise.”

These are quotes women told me one-on-one. They’re 30-year old career-driven women, just like you and me. Being fit and strong means to them being capable, confident, empowered, not to mention a body that displays all of their hard work. They’ve been trying to reach this goal for years yet can’t seem to get there. Is it even possible?


Yes it is and now I want to share my knowledge and secrets to help you get there!

Who am I?

Name is Karen, I am part insurance professional, part professional bikini competitor. I have ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder while running a side business. Not to mention continuing to compete in the fitness world (and win!). Oh and I never say no to a night out with friends 🙂 So ladies, it IS possible to run a crazy-busy life AND eat healthy, be fit, and be incredibly strong! And now it’s my turn to help you!


Who you are?

I bet, like me, you’re Type-A, independent, headstrong, and determined. You’re incredibly ambitious and excel at everything you do, but yet you just can’t seem to consistently get to the gym. And being fit isn’t just about losing weight it’s also about:

-“I want to be as independent as possible. I want to be able to lift my own shopping bags, protect myself, and move mountains.”

-“To not be seen as the little skinny person that is underestimated and beaten”

-“I want to be physically able to do things (hike, travel, move heavy objects when necessary) and I also want to feel confident and powerful.”


And you know, like me, that by getting to the gym consistently and working hard you CAN become fit, strong, confident, and of course have limitless energy. I’ll fill you in on a secret about us Type A’s, our biggest downfall comes from our own successful personality.

We’re determined, we work obsessively hard, yet we lack balance, discipline, and prioritizing skills. I can help you change that!


And if you aren’t yet convinced of the amazing benefits you’ll see when you prioritize your health and fitness becoming fit and strong, take it from some fellow women who HAVE achieved their dream body. These women were so outspoken on how it gave them:

  • Amazing confidence and empowerment

  • Physical and mental strength

  • A healthy, strong body that displayed their hard work and made them feel proud

All of these things are crucial for a successful career, no?

Convinced that prioritizing fitness will not only give you a strong body but also help you crush your career goals?

Then it’s time to get started today, right NOW!  I want to help you, no strings attached, so go ahead and take my (free) e-book on how to kick-start your way to your fit and strong body. Just enter your email below and the book is yours!



I understand that maybe becoming fit and strong isn’t a priority in your life right now; you’re just not ready. There are other things more important to you at this moment: work, relationships, hobbies, etc. However if you instill positive fitness habits RIGHT NOW, you will have the framework set up for when you are ready to crush your fitness goals, get that dream body, and become incredibly confident and empowered.  (Set up that success framework first and you’ll hit the ground running!).



-Karen, IDFA Canada Bikini Pro, and 3-time, top 5 finisher with INBF Canada