Busy, Ambitious, and Career-driven?

Want that body you had BEFORE work became your top priority?

You’re not alone!

-“Between working 9-5 and blogging 5-9, exercising is slipping from me right now. I just can’t make the time for it anymore.”

-“I am so fed up of having to find clothes that cover my large stomach or to hold my breath in public, it’s so annoying! I even try to avoid going out in public with my husband because I’m afraid he’ll be embarrassed.”

-“The only time I can exercise is while my kids are at school. But even so, I would rather use the time to work on my business.”

-“I always told myself I wouldn’t be one of those woman with a “muffin-top” and now I have one. It just snuck up on me!”


These are quotes women told me one-on-one. They’re 30-40 year old, crazy-ambitious women, just like you and me. Work and family are the top priorities in their lives ad provide so much fulfillment! Yet there’s still something missing, they yearn for a body they LOVE.

Welcome to Strong & Smart, a place for crazy-busy, ambitious women to FINALLY get that body they had BEFORE work became their top priority.