You’re Legitimately Too Busy to Get Fit. There’s Still a Way.


I get it, you’re busy. Or maybe you’re not even using that terrible word anymore (“busy” just means you have no control over your life, right?). I bet fitness is a priority though, you DO want to be fit, strong, and look amazing. But you are legitimately too busy and can’t find the time to work-out. Travelling for work, impromptu projects and meetings, looming deadlines, and 500 other commitments to coordinate in your life, so how can you schedule in workouts when a typical day rarely follows the same schedule? I’ve made it work and I have the solutions for you:


Every Little Bit Helps

Yes, being fit means consistency and hard-work (I won’t lie to you there), but little bits of exercise here and there DO add up. When you can’t get to the gym for more than a few days try breaking up a typical workout across 1-2 days. Such as:
-Do a 15 minute core workout when you first wake up in the morning, then 15 minute cardio intervals when you first get home from work, and then a 15 minute upper body circuit before you go to bed
-Have a 30 minute break over lunch? Do a high intensity circuit in your nearest park….use baby wipes to take the sweat off before returning to the office.
(Or as some of my clients say, who cares if I smell, it’s my office and I did something great for my health!)


“Flexi-Fitness”; Plan for the Unexpected

A busy schedule often means an unexpected schedule. So start planning for the unexpected. I do this by what I call, “anchoring”. Some items will never change in your daily schedule, so try “anchoring” your workout to those items so you never “forget” or neglect to hit the gym.
For example, you’re going to work every day. Your work day may fluctuate but you’ll always go into the office Monday to Friday. Set an “anchor” to always workout before or after work (no matter what time that may be).
Another option, always workout before you eat supper. No matter if you’re at home, a business trip, or meeting clients for dinner, find a way to get some sort of workout in before eating (20 min of sprints is a fav of mine!).

A Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout split? Please, you don’t have time for that!

Your life is busy and changes constantly so keeping a constant workout schedule may NOT make sense. Start planning your life 1-2 weeks in advance, scheduling in everything you know will happen during those times, including your workouts. By seeing your schedule at a glance you can see where your (truly) busy days are and where you can fit in workouts. You might even end up scheduling a few workouts on back-back days because you know you’ll be stupid busy the following 5 days.
Make it work for YOUR schedule.


Always “Be Prepared”

The boy (or girl) scouts were right, you should always, “Be Prepared.” You never know what your day will throw at you, and some days your schedule may actually get cleared unexpectantly (yippee, free time!). This is the PERFECT opportunity to squeeze in a workout. To keep it short, always have a spare set of workout gear and shoes with you, a set at work, in the car, at home, and perhaps even a set left with a hotel concierge if you travel often.
A workout is just a change-of-clothes away!


Master the True Art of Multi-Tasking

As you may have figured out, multi-tasking is useless and a waste of time, your brain can only focus intently on one thing at a time. But multi-tasking can be successful if you combine something physical with something mental. Next meeting with clients or coworkers, try taking it outside, even just for a walk.
I’ve done this on a handful of occasions and not only does my counterpart LOVE the idea, but the fresh air really helps with creative thinking, free-flowing conversation, and in general, getting sh*t done (no wonder so much business is done on the golf course…).

Tell me, have you tried any of these strategies? What’s worked or not worked?



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