Who Am I?

Name is Karen, work-wise, I’m a full-time insurance professional and part-time blogger. I’ve always had big, crazy ambitions for my life, either climbing the corporate ladder or starting and running my own business….I love learning, growing, and challenging myself (you too, right? 😀 )


In my personal life, I try to see as many music concerts as I can, I’m a bit of a huge social butterfly (who can’t turn down a night out with friends and wine?), and I regularly compete in fitness competitions.

And most of all, I’ve ACHIEVED and absolutely LOVE the body I have. No matter how busy I am I’ve always been able to maintain the body I want.

How has a busy woman been able to do that??

To be 100% honest with you, I’ve never struggled with finding the motivation or the time to workout and eat healthy. I ate healthy(ish) and exercised regularly all through university and when I began my career (with huge ambitions!) I was able to easily keep this routine. A few years after launching my career in the insurance world, I began to ramp up my fitness regime by competing in fitness competitions (because why not create another audacious goal for myself?? :P)


During competition prep I stuck to a detailed food plan (even with the office treats around!), exercised consistently, yet was still able to put 110% effort into my job. Throw in the odd business trip or wine & cheese night and I still kept my stride.

Fast forward a few years to now and not much has changed with the busyness of life (ha!). I’ve achieved “pro”-status as a bikini athlete, I blog part-time, and I’ve received a work promotion which has me travel even more for work (*Which honestly has supercharged my workouts….it’s never been easier or better!)

It always came easy to me and still does.


Me but with a bit more make-up


Friends have noticed this over the years, how HAVE I been able to stay fit while keeping incredibly busy? So they always asked me for advice, how could they lose weight, or tone-up, or just have more energy each day. And then I realized, what came easy to me was actually REALLY HARD for many others. The strategies and tricks I used for myself were actually secrets to others.


So I decided to start writing down all my tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining your dream body. And now it’s time that I share all of my tricks and strategies with you!


I want you to experience this SIMPLICITY of fitting in exercise, eating healthy, and ultimately HAVING THE BODY YOU WANT without taking focus away from your career or social-life….

….because is it so very possible!

Lady, it is time to get back that body you had before work became your #1 priority!


How Can I Help You?

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And don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my client Ruta has to say:

This coaching to me was a complete Game Changer. I went from ‘meh’ to ‘yay’ in my fitness journey. This lady Karen is pure magic – before the coaching I was very skeptical if this would be just another 30 days to fitness or 90 days to whatever program, but this turned out to be solid gold. I got some very good strategies, clear action points and a method to follow through those action points. I also understood the why behind the how & this has helped me, make fitness a part of my daily life, to the point where now it feels effortless & almost natural. I would definitely recommend this program & Karen, to anyone looking to progress in their fitness journey, the right way.” – Ruta, Marketing Professional


I bet you’re excited to get started…NOW, right? Let’s do this lady, grab your E-Guide below and together we’ll get you your dream body!