Why Us Type-A’s Should Learn the Word, “No”

It’s Thursday afternoon. You’ve scheduled your workweek so you can have an easier Friday so you can head out early to enjoy a much needed work-free weekend…a relaxing weekend spent with your boyfriend and catching up on exercise….you’ve seemed to missed the gym this past week due to work. 


As you daydream about your work-free weekend your boss stops by your desk to ask you (read: “volunteer” you) for a seemingly important project that’s due Monday.

“Since it’s only Thursday, you’ll have all day Friday and some of the weekend to complete it. You in?”


I Interviewed Type-A Women About Having a Successful Career and Being Fit, Here’s What I Learned

Us, ambitious, professional, and truthfully, Type-A women want it all; successful career, fulfilling home-life, and a fit and strong body. And with recent blog posts demonstrating how crazy-successful career women have managed to find this desirable balance, it seems possible for the everyday Type-A woman. So if that’s the case then why do we still constantly hear that us workaholic women, “just don’t have time”?

I was curious to know as well and so I went on the search to find other ambitious, Type-A women like myself. I ended up interviewing approximately 20 ambitious, late-twenties/early-thirties women about their struggles, goals, and frustrations in staying fit while managing a busy life.

You’re Legitimately Too Busy to Get Fit. There’s Still a Way.


I get it, you’re busy. Or maybe you’re not even using that terrible word anymore (“busy” just means you have no control over your life, right?). I bet fitness is a priority though, you DO want to be fit, strong, and look amazing. But you are legitimately too busy and can’t find the time to work-out. Travelling for work, impromptu projects and meetings, looming deadlines, and 500 other commitments to coordinate in your life, so how can you schedule in workouts when a typical day rarely follows the same schedule? I’ve made it work and I have the solutions for you:

You Only Have 1 Body, Take Care of It

I think we often forget, whether, in the gym or life, we need rest and recovery in order to perform better and better each day. Pushing hard every single day, in the gym or the office will only lead you head first into a wall. Yes, you need to put the time and work in to make progress, but running yourself into a state where you can no longer come up with creative ideas, think deeply on complex problems, or make progress in your workouts, is just asking for disaster.


What No One Told You About Your “30-Day Challenge”

If I see one more social media ad for another “30-Day Fitness Challenge” or “Whole30” I may just throw-up or throw something…perhaps a cupcake with extra frosting so it will stick to the wall beside me. Sadly it looks like my chances aren’t good given summer is approaching and “getting a summer bikini bod” is on the forefront. Funny thing how this is the same trend every year…. Why do the same people seem to sign-up for these challenges year after year? I thought the goal of a 30-day challenge was to kick start a new habit to have long-term fitness and healthy eating success? Hmm….

Never Miss a Workout Again!

The science behind habits


How often have you meant to head to the gym but instead ended up getting in a good “zone” and work right through the day? Or maybe you get home after a long day and just have too many things to do and the getting to the gym is at the bottom of the list? Well what if I told you I have an incredibly simple, yet effective solution that will always get you to the gym. No more month-long workout hiatuses. And it’s as simple and mindless as brushing your teeth every day.